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FortisBC’s New Home Construction program is designed to support the adoption of the BC Energy Step Code, advance higher efficiency new construction, and enable homeowners to enjoy lower energy bills and more comfortable, durable, and healthy homes. The FortisBC New Home Step Code Incentives are available for homes with building permits after March 29, 2018.

Available Incentives

BC Energy Step Code

Whole-home performance

  Rebate Energy Advisor Rebate*
Step 1 n/a $400
Step 2 $1,000 $400
Step 3 $2,000 $0 or $400**
Step 4 $4,000
Step 5 $8,000

*If a municipality has not adopted Step Code, FortisBC Provides $500 in energy advisor support with $100 going to the energy advisor at mid-construction and $400 going to the builder when construction is complete.

**If your development is located in the City of Vancouver, or a municipality that has adopted Step Code 3 or higher, the energy advisor rebate for builders is not available; however, $100 will continue to go to the energy advisor.

Additional Incentives

  • Natural gas incentives are only available to FortisBC residential gas customers (rate 1)
  • Water heater incentives are not available if building is built to Step 2 or higher
  • Natural gas fireplaces must have an EnerChoice label and be an eligible model.
  • Electric appliance incentives are only available to FortisBC electric and municipal electric customers
Type Product Incentive
Gas ENERGY STAR 0.67 EF StorageTank Water Heater $200
ENERGY STAR Condensing Tankless Water Heater $1,000
ENERGY STAR Condensing Storage Tank Water Heater $1,000
ENERGY STAR Dryer* $100
EnerChoice Fireplace** $300

*maximum two per dwelling

**maximum five per dwelling

Type Product Incentive
Electric ENERGY STAR Fridge Up to $100
ENERGY STAR Washer $100
ENERGY STAR Dryer Up to $250
Heat Pump Water Heater $1,000

Eligibility Requirements

  • The home must be new construction and built in FortisBC’s electricity* and/or natural gas service area.
    • New home construction built in FortisBC natural gas service area must have both natural gas space and water heating.
    • New home construction built in FortisBC electric service area must have both electric space and water heating.
    • New home construction built in FortisBC electric and natural gas service area can use electricity or gas for space and water heating.
  • The home must be a part 9 residential building (single family home, duplex, townhome, or laneway home).
  • Builders must work with a registered EnerGuide Rating System energy advisor in order to access the New Home Construction program.
  • Builders pursuing Step 5 rebates must contact the program to confirm program eligibility.
  • The building permit must be issued March 29, 2018 or later.

*Includes Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland and Nelson Hydro

How to Apply

  1. Carefully review the terms and conditions to confirm your eligibility.
  2. Register your project at the mid-construction phase by submitting the online registration form and including:
    • Builder declaration
    • Pre-construction BC Energy Compliance Report
    • EnerGuide P Report (EnerGuide Homeowner Information Sheet)
    • If a pre-drywall blower door was performed, preliminary blower fan extrapolated results.
  3. Apply for the incentives at the post-construction phase by submitting the online application form and including:
    • If the project was not registered at the mid-construction phase, submit the builder declaration
    • For BC Step Code Steps 2-4 incentives, copy of as-built BC Energy Compliance Report
    • EnerGuide N Report (EnerGuide Homeowner Information Sheet)
    • EnerGuide label
    • If applying for appliance rebates, include copies of legible, itemized invoices showing purchase and installation date, make, model and serial number and other relevant information


The following forms must be submitted within 6 months of the date of issuance of an occupancy permit for the development:

  • Post-construction application
  • Gas rebate application
  • Electric Rebate Application
  • Energy Advisor Supported Application


  • If a home does not meet target metrics, rebates for the equivalent lower step can still be pursued as long as an occupancy permit has been issued.
  • Check out our incentive search tool for other energy efficiency upgrades rebates.
  • Did you see a building science or energy efficiency term you did not understand? Check out our glossary.
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Program Contact Information

Email newhome@fortisbc.com or contact your natural gas energy solutions manager or electricity energy efficiency advisor

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