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Residential Renovation and Residential New Construction: single family home, townhome, rowhome, mobile home, duplex. Commercial Renovation and New Commercial Construction: commercial, institutional, multi-unit residential building. close

EfficiencyBC Custom Program

FortisBC New Home Step Code Incentive

Home Renovation Rebate & EfficiencyBC Program

Energy Save Richmond Carbon Marketplace

CMHC Green Home Program

Energy Conservation Assistance Program

GST/HST New Residential Rental Property Rebate

FortisBC Variable Speed Drive Rebates

FortisBC Compressed Air Equipment Rebates

PNG Commercial Efficient Water Heater Retrofit Program

PNG Energy Efficient Kitchens Program

FortisBC Natural Gas Kitchen Equipment Rebates

FortisBC Refrigeration Equipment Rebates

BC Hydro Strategic Energy Management Program

FortisBC Energy Specialist Funding

FortisBC Commercial Energy Assessment Program

FortsiBC Custom Performance Program

FortisBC Rental Apartment Efficiency Program

EfficiencyBC Social Housing Incentive Program

EfficiencyBC Custom-Lite Program

Energy Saving Incentives for Businesses

FortisBC Commercial Lighting Program

FortisBC Foodservice and Laundry Equipment Rebate

FortisBC Natural Gas Water Heater Rebate

FortisBC Natural Gas Water Heater Rebates for Non-Profit Housing

FortisBC Natural Gas Boiler Rebate

FortisBC Natural Gas Boiler Rebates for Non-Profit Housing

PNG Commercial Efficient Small Boiler Retrofit Program

FortisBC Heat Pump and Electric Water Heater Rebates

Social Housing Retrofit Support Program

Better Buildings BC Program

Campbell River Building Permit Rebates

Comox Valley Regional District Energy Efficient Houses Rebate

Energy Save Richmond Mid-Construction Blower Door Test

City of North Vancouver PATH Program

City of Kimberley Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program

District of Sparwood Energy Step Code Policy Incentives

Genworth Energy Efficient Housing Program

Energy Saving Kits

Federal & Provincial GST/HST New Housing Rebate

Penticton Home Energy Loan Program

Township of Langley Green Building Program

Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant

Regional District of Nanaimo Green Building Program

Wood Stove Exchange Program

FortisBC Appliance Rebates

BC Hydro Appliance Rebates

FortisBC Furnace and Boiler Replacement Program

FortisBC Connect to Gas Program

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