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Natural Gas Boiler Rebate

FortisBC is offering an incentive up to $45,000 for installing an eligible high-efficiency hot water natural gas boiler. Available Rebates Rebate amounts are determined by the size and efficiency of the natural gas boiler. Boiler Type Rebate Maximum Amount 90 per cent thermal efficiency (TE) or higher $9 per MBH $45,000 85 per cent to […]


Energy Saving Incentives for Businesses

BC Hydro is offering financial incentives for commercial customers, small industrial sites, and residential stratas to help shorten the payback period for simple one-to-one lighting, HVAC or refrigeration energy efficiency upgrades. Available Rebates Incentives are calculated using a number of variables, including your hours of operation, how much energy your project saves, and the cost […]


Strategic Energy Management Program

BC Hydro offers a variety of incentives, tools, and energy management programs for commercial, government, and institutional customers. The programs, facilitated by a company’s dedicated Energy Manager, are focused on changing the culture within a company to reduce energy waste and improve efficiency. Incentives Energy Study and Project Implementation Funding Business Energy Saving Incentives Energy […]


FortisBC Energy Specialist Funding

FortisBC funds energy specialist positions for their large commercial natural gas customers. Energy specialists can help your company develop and execute projects that result in natural gas savings, participate in rebate programs to realize cost savings, and work with a BC Hydro Energy Manager on projects that result both in natural gas and electricity savings. […]


Energy Save Richmond Carbon Marketplace

As a part of the Energy Save Richmond program, businesses and non-profit organizations can be eligible to receive up to $25 per ton of CO2 equivalent saved through Richmond’s new community-based carbon offsets program, the Richmond Carbon Marketplace. Available Rebates The program will provide $25 per tonne of GHG emission reduction, as a form of selling community […]


FortisBC Commercial Energy Assessment Program

Through the FortisBC Commercial Energy Assessment Program, owners or long-term lease holders of a medium-sized business or small industrial manufacturing facility can receive a walkthrough energy assessment conducted by an authorized FortisBC consultant. The assessment identifies low- and no-cost energy conservation measures, potential energy-efficiency upgrades, and rebates to help offset the cost of upgrading the […]


Foodservice and Laundry Equipment Rebates

Receive rebates from FortisBC between $75-$6,600 when you upgrade your inefficient commercial laundry, dishwashing, and cooking equipment to ENERGY STAR® models, and/or install demand-controlled ventilation for your kitchen’s exhaust system. Available Rebates High-Efficiency Products Rebate Commercial clothes washers $75 per clothes washer Demand controlled ventilation for kitchen exhaust $800 – $6,600 Electric commercial cooking equipment […]


FortisBC Commercial Lighting Program

FortisBC provides rebates from $4-$150 for installing high-efficiency lighting products. Available Rebates High-Efficiency Lighting Product Rebate LED Lamps $5 – $30 per lamp LED interior luminaires $10 – $150 per luminaire LED exterior and parking garage luminaires $30 – $150 per luminaire LED street lights and exterior pole/arm mounted luminaries $60 – $150 per luminaire […]


FortisBC Natural Gas Kitchen Equipment Rebates

FortisBC is offering rebates for upgrading to high-efficiency cooking equipment, ranging from $200 to $3,500 per appliance. Available Rebates High-efficiency appliance Rebate Fryer $1,000 per vat Large vat fryer $1,200 per vat Griddle $500 per griddle Combination ovens $2,000 – $3,000 Convection ovens $1,000 per stacked oven Rack ovens $2,500 – $3,500 Conveyor ovens (more […]


Commercial Natural Gas Water Heater Rebate

FortisBC is offering an incentive up to $15,000 per water heater for installing an eligible high-efficiency natural gas commercial water heater. Available Rebates Rebate amounts are determined by the size and efficiency of the water heater. Eligibility Requirements You must be a FortisBC commercial rate class natural gas customer. You must be a property owner […]


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